Our Leadership

Brian Glauberg

Senior Leader

Brian was born and raised in a Jewish household and came to know Yeshua....

Wilson Velpula


Wilson came to know the true G-D, the G-D of Israel when he was a child through....

Appoint elders in every city as I directed you - if anyone is blameless, the husband of one wife, having children of faith with no charge of wild living or rebellion. For the overseer must be blameless as God’s administrator—not arrogant, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine,
not violent, not greedy for dishonest gain. Rather he must be hospitable, loving what is good, self-controlled, upright, devout, disciplined. He must hold firmly to the trustworthy message in keeping with the teaching, so he can both encourage by instruction that is sound and convict those who speak against it.

Titus 1:6-9