Children & Youth At B'nai
At Congregation Bnai Maccabim, we offer classes to children ranging from the ages of 3-12 during shabbat services. These classes range from Bar/Bat Mitzvah courses, to fun youth activities, which vary according to our changes of season and celebration of festivals throughout the year.
Our programs are designed to enable children to learn the weekly readings from the Torah; in a fun and innovative way, and by which they can more easily learn and understand the history of the Jewish people. Ultimately, helping them to understand Judaism and participate in our Jewish community. We at Bnai Maccabim, believe it is important to practice l’dor va dor, generation to generation, in an effort to strengthen children and youths ties to the community. Investing in future generations of Messianic Jews is always at the core of our mission.

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Train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not turn from it.
Mishlei (Proverbs) 22:6
From the words in the Talmud: "The child in its mother’s womb is taught the entire Torah . . . When the time comes to emerge into this world, an angel comes and taps on the upper lip of the mouth, making it to forget everything"
Talmud - Niddah 30b

Rabbis ask the question from the passage of the talmud, if we are to forget the Torah, why is the entire Torah taught in the first place? There are many interpretations of this passage but the most import thing is, as a soul is descended from the heavenly hosts into this world and when teaching the Torah from the childhood it will help him/her to reignited within to reconnect with the creator in due time, thus fulfilling his/her purpose of creation.