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שלום לכם / Shalom!

The Story of Maccabees is usually relegated to the celebration of Channukah, but the heart of their story was a commitment to restore the house of G-d as a place of worship and praise and to stand against the cruelty and injustice that threatened to engulf them. We are their sons!

In Hebrew, being a son means more than just shared genetic material. A son is meant to build upon the foundation of his father's house. As sons of the Maccabees (B'nai Maccabim), we will take up the hammer of our fathers to build a house of worship and praise to our G-d, and we will actively pursue Tikun Olam (the Repairing the world), through a commitment to the study, understanding, and living out of the Word of G-d, until the fullness of Kingdom of the Messiah, Yeshua, is established upon the earth.

Therefore, we are committed:
    •    to communicate the message of salvation in Messiah Yeshua, to the Jewish people first, and then to the gentiles,
    •    to teach and role model biblically based Jewish observances, lifestyle, and values throughout our community, especially to our children,
    •    to equipping and enabling the people of our Synagogue to effectively serve the Synagogue and the community at large.